Our Various Kendras


Sruti Bala Kendra - For Children

Perhaps the most important wing of Sruti Kendra, Balakendra conducts one hour per week classes for children in residential areas (area Balakendras) as well as in schools (school Balakendras). These classes are conducted by well trained and motivated sevaks (volunteers), which are free.The classes follow a pattern of stories depicting moral values, activities, games, group singing according to handbooks brought out by Sruti Kendra.   Children’s camps are conducted every year involving nearly 300 children on a 3 day format which includes learning, art and craft, fun and games, festivals, heritage tours etc, which are of immense learning value. So far three camps have been conducted which have been extremely well received.Environment Day rally was held in the Mogappair area, where 400 children participated and free tree saplings were distributed to all the children to developing in them loving care for Nature.The Balakendra movement is gaining strength day by day and at present reaches nearly 1200 children in Chennai and other districts in Tamil Nadu.Balakendra welcomes volunteers who have a passion in developing children, for handling area and school classes in Chennai and different areas of Tamil Nadu. 


Sruti Yuva Kendra - For the Youth

Sruti Yuvakendra focuses on the youth in the age group 12 to 20. The youth hold a great future for the Society and the Nation.Yuvakendra conducts weekend classes for youth by experienced Volunteers, who are experienced professionals in their field and have a passion for developing youth. The format focuses on imparting values by relating to daily life, developing communication and team skills and elements of leadership. This includes discussion forums, theatre, and experiential learning. Youth camps are also conducted periodically in a two day or three day format to develop the above mentioned qualities. Yuvakendra welcomes volunteers who have a passion for working with youth for handling the classes and camps.  


Sruti Sree Kendra - For the Women

The woman as a homemaker is the pillar of the Family and Society. She is instrumental in building the right values in character in children and providing a conducive family atmosphere. Sruti Sreekendra focuses on developing the spiritual evolution of women in the family. Towards this regular study of scriptures and Bhajan classes are held. Many of these classes are presided by Swamiji himself.Many of Sreekendra members are also Sevaks for Balakendra classes. Regular training and orientation sessions are held for enhancing the quality and delivery of Balakendra classes