About Us

Our Beginning

  • Sruti Kendra is a non-profit spiritual service organisation founded by Svami Moksha Vidyaananda Sarasvati in 2011,head quartered in Chennai.

Our Objective

  • Sruti Kendra’s objective is to transform society and help people lead empowered lives through the value system and knowledge embedded in ancient Indian wisdom symbolised by our Vedas and Scriptures.This transformation in our Society will help us to lead peaceful, happy and fulfilling lives in harmony with family, fellow beings and Nature. Another objective is to develop pride in India’s great tradition and help Nation building. All activities of Sruti Kendra are carried out in a socially inclusive manner. 

Our Swamiji

  • The ultimate aim of spirituality is to make a man realise that he is the indesctructible self, beyond the sea of changes", advocates Svami Moksha Vidhyaananda Sarasvati, who takes pride in the Indian culture and her rich resource of knowledge, the Sruti or the vedas.   It was in 1992 that Swamiji fully immersed himself into the pursuit of spirituality. In December 2011, Swamiji formed Sruti Kendra with the main objective of reaching out to all sections of society and to spread the sacred spiritual knowledge, with special focus on children and the youth, spreading the glory of our rich culture. He inspires the householders also to walk the path of dynamic karma yoga to identify and reach the highest goals of life.   An eloquent orator in Tamil, deep rooted in the Vedas, an erudite scholar, and ardent cricket fan, an inspiring and encouraging teacher, a humble disciple, an appreciator of the arts, a committed worker and overall, a good and simple human being, Svami Moksha Vidhyaananda Sarasvati is the quintessential modern day Swamiji and is perhaps the most interesting person one can meet. 

A brief Presentation about us

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Donations & Contributions

We welcome one and all to generously donate and contribute to the social cause of spreading Love and Reverence to our creator and be part of this everlasting journey of Blissful Life. Your donations shall go towards the expenses of Camps, Events, Social service, etc. Pl send in your contributions to : Sruti Kendra Trust, Canara Bank, Chinmaya Nagar Branch, A/c : 3000101002263, IFSC : CNRB0003000 or send a cheque in favour of "Sruti Kendra Trust" to the address mentioned in "Contact Us"


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